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In order to provide the most secure up to date communications to our clients has the best avaliable technology on the market.

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Perfect Forward Secrecy

Each message session is encrypted with a different set of keys. If any given key is ever compromised, it will never result in the compromise of previous or future messages.



During a conversation the recipient is assured all messages received are authentic and unmodified. This assures non-reputability of messages.


Repudiable Authentication

Messages do not employ digital signatures that provide third party proofs. However, you are still assured you are messaging with whom you think you are.


Encryption Strength

We employ algorithms from different families of mathematics, which protects message content in the event that one encryption algorithm is ever solved.

EncroChat simplifies the usage of our services so users are shielded from the complexities of the encryption process.
This keeps the user safe as one can’t mistakenly expose themselves.

Features and Benefits

End-to-end Encryption

No man-in-the-middle

Global Service

Stay connected in over 120 countries

Customized Android Platform

Simplified user settings


3-in-1 Communication

Email, IM, & VoIP: More ways to communicate and fewer devices to carry


Guaranteed Anonymity

No way to associate device or sim card to your account believes in privacy of information and communication, freedom of speech, free markets and human rights. We do not have any political or religious affiliations.

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We cater to private corporations as well as individuals who need to communicate on a private, secure and efficient manner on a global basis.

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Did you know that Samsung “safe” solution Knox has been hacked?   Check more info here