Affiliate program

A person, company or website who promote the products of our business to potential customers, in exchange for a commission on a sale or a successful conversion.

Affiliate program:

A marketing program run by our company to gather affiliates to promote our products for a commission or reward.

Affiliate referral link:

It’s the way affiliates use to promote our products. It has the affiliate ID or username appended to it, so the affiliate can be tracked when a customer visits our website. If the customer successfully completes a sale or becomes an affiliate, a referral will be generated and the affiliate will be awarded a commission.

Affiliate username:

The affiliate username is the same as the email, and is a means of identifying an affiliate. The affiliate can use their username in their affiliate referral URLs instead of their affiliate ID.


A percentage of a purchase total or flat rate monetary amount that is awarded to the affiliate each time a purchase is made.


A small piece of data which is stored in a user’s web browser when they visit a website.

Tiered rates:

We reward our affiliates with higher commission rates the more they earn. We have four tiers from 5% to 15% commission rate.